Alternative Dispute Resolution

…up to 42% of an employee’s time is spent engaging in or resolving conflict.

Can you possibly afford that? Not wisely.

A safe, respectful, conducive environment is essential for your staff to be able to contribute their expertise, experience, creativity and work product.

When conflicts arise and collaboration fails, mediation and facilitation  are wise choices for returning to peace, effectiveness and productivity.

workplace mediation services

Both employers and employees need to look forward to and finish each day with a sense of contribution, creativity and collaboration. That’s what actually creates productivity. But, when tension is high and tempers are volatile…even when it all seems to be under the radar…no one is having a good day.

  • If you are the employee, can you spend your time like that and still make a significant contribution to the mission of your workplace?
  • If you are the employer, can you afford to have up to 42% of your payroll just walking out the door with nothing to show for it?

No! That’s why mediation is significant to your success.

When you bring mediation into your workplace, you are saying that you want people to be able to give all their attention to the mission.  That’s a wise business decision!


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